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Collins Mountain Grading provides a wide array of services.

  • Land clearing (usually small areas with few trees larger than 12 breast height) for building sites, gardens, fence lines, farm roads or enlarging yards.
  • Land grading to level or improve landscapes, or to solve drainage problems.
  • Backfilling, spreading dirt, gravel and topsoil.
  • Ditch digging for footings, water lines, and French drains.
  • Driveway grading and construction.

Below you will find examples of our work. Click on the picture to have them enlarged.

Road and Trail Construction

3 Photos of Old Lambsville Rd, a quarter mile road we built on our farm 4 years ago. Photo on the right is of a freshly cut trail for walking and horse back riding.


Small Pond Construction

Above: a very small spring fed pond in intermittent stream. Middle and Right: Small pasture pond.

Tree and Stump Removal

A white pine died near one of our fences. First we cut through the roots (left), but when we pushed on the loosened tree (second photo) it threatened to fall on the fence, so we attached a rope to it and pulled it into the driveway (third photo). The last photo shows much of the debris gathered in the grapple.




Brush Clearing

Left: Patch before clearing. Middle: Small brush has been removed. Right: Stump of the double tree in the foreground of the middle photo




Above left: tractor graded swale for diverting water; right: barn floor graded for concrete slab.

Before and after backyard cleanup

The owner wanted to make a fresh start with landscaping and to build a deck on to the house.

Before and after pasture clearing and grading

With the stumps removed and the land smoothed the field on the right is now ready for seeding.